If you've ended up here, you're probably looking for one of our campaigns.

We are currently running the following email campaigns:

A real Living Wage for all workers employed on public money

This is our chance to help thousands of families trapped on low pay. Write to your MP urging them to contact the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, and ask that all Government contracts pay the real Living Wage.

Manchester United: pay a living wage

Write to Ed Woodward, Executive Chairman at Manchester United FC about the real Living Wage

As Manchester United is once again named the richest club in the world, life on low pay for sub-contracted workers at the Theatre of Dreams is a very real nightmare. Ahead of the opening match of the Premier League, we're asking for Manchester Utd FC to show leadership to other clubs by paying a real Living Wage to all staff. Please ask the Executive Vice Chairman, Ed Woodward, to change this policy and show leadership at the club by moving all workers onto at least a real Living Wage of £8.75 an hour, which is calculated by independent experts as the minimum hourly wage a full time worker needs to survive. Together we can end poverty pay.

Low Pay in Sports Report

This is our chance to help thousands of families trapped on low pay. Share our brand new report on low pay in sports with your MP or Assembly Members and help us get more top clubs and venues paying the real Living Wage.

Living Wage Universities

Tell your university to pay all its workers the real Living Wage.

Can't find your university in the drop-down list below? ➡️ try looking for different ways in which your university could be listed. So, for example, 'Leeds University' could be listed as 'University of Leeds' or 'The University of Leeds' ➡️ they may already pay the real Living Wage or be in the process of doing so

Football Association: pay the real Living Wage at Wembley Stadium

Tell the Football Association (FA) to pay all workers at Wembley Stadium, the home of English football, the real Living Wage.